People have been using the best black seed oil as well as black cumin seeds for thousands of years. Additionally, the best black seed is mentioned in the Bible and referred to as ketzah in the Book of Isaiah, chapter 28. The type of black seed mentioned in the Bible is cumin seed. Those scriptures talk about planting and sowing the seeds. Black cumin is derived from Nigella sativa. The plant grows to about an inch. It’s the seeds inside the fruit grown on this plant that are used to make oil and extracts, including the oil and extracts in Herbal Goodness’ black cumin seed capsules and black cumin seed liquid extracts.


Native to Egypt and also grown and used in India, southwest Asia and the Middle East, best black cumin seed has been referred to as “blessed seed”. Other names that the seeds have been called include kalonji, black caraway, nigella and kalanji. Additionally, black cumin seed is reported to have been found in King Tut’s tomb.1 During those early years, black cumin seeds were eaten plain or pressed into oil. Even more, the seeds were eaten despite their strong, bitter taste.

Black cumin seed

And, it maybe this tradition that hints at the benefits that people living centuries ago sought from the best black seed oil. This is also a reason why Herbal Goodness sources, manufactures and offers black cumin seed extract capsules and black cumin seed liquid extract to you. Among the benefits associated with black seed, there’s support to maintain skin vitality and less reaction to plants and flowers during warmer months. As with many natural or plant-based resources, the best black cumin seed has been used by indigenous people to relieve discomfort and support the reduction of common respiratory issues. Black cumin seed has also been used to keep mold, yeasts, and fungi away from buildings. It’s these additional benefits that make black seed oil a multi-purpose oil.

Because of its multi-purpose uses, it is not a surprise that black cumin seed has been used by so many people across centuries. If you’re looking for another way to get more from black seed, consider that some women use black seed oil to support hair and nail maintenance. In fact, you may have used or seen beauty products that are made with black seed, including black cumin seed. For example, you may have used beauty products that deal with dark spots and loose skin in cream form and not know that the products have black seed in them. Read more…



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