Happy Halloween! 10 Celebration Ideas

Happy Halloween Sign

  • When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, May luck be yours on Halloween. — Author Unknown2
  • What do you get when you divide the circumference of your jack-o-lantern by its diameter? — Pumpkin Pi
  • We’re having a Monster Bash!
  • What is a ghost’s favorite dessert? — Boo-berry pie with ice scream!
  • Wishing you a boo-tiful and woo-nderful Halloween full of treats!
  • Know why mummies never reveal their true age? — ’Cause they like to keep it under wraps.
  • How can you tell if a vampire has a cold? — Because of the coffin!
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m out of candy, look how scary are you.

Happy Halloween Celebration Ideas

  1. Host a Happy Halloween costume party. You could do this for adult guests or for your kids and their friends.
  2. Take a Happy Halloween hayride out in the country at night. Be sure to bring your lanterns.
  3. Dress up in a homemade costume and go trick-or-treating with your kids.
  4. Make baked goods and organic Herbal Goodness Halloween treats using Herbal Goodness liquid juice, leaves, and extracts. Invite friends and relatives over for a night of movie watching.
  5. Decorate a rented house into different Halloween movie scenes and allow guests you know and trust to tour the area. Gift visitors with a bag of Herbal Goodness organic dried papaya leaves.
  6. Have a Happy Halloween pumpkin carving contest. Place a gift bag of Herbal Goodness organic tea inside each carved pumpkin that makes it to the final round of the contest.
  7. Go apple bobbing for fun with your kids and neighbors. See who can come up with the most apples in five minutes.
  8. Try out a local escape room as a family. You could also see how quickly you can get out of an escape room while hanging out with a group of friends. Put your thinker on. Some escape rooms are tough to get out of. But, they are fun. Since it’s Halloween, go with a Happy Halloween-themed escape room.
  9. Create a fruity organic Herbal Goodness papaya or guava tea smoothie. Decorate the smoothie glass with removable Halloween stickers.
  10. Bake Halloween-themed cupcakes and serve them as an after-dinner treat. Add Herbal Goodness liquid extracts to your cupcakes. This way, you and your guests can enjoy plant-based benefits while you enjoy the tasty, decorated cupcakes.
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Herbal Goodness is the #1 manufacturer of organic super greens, supplements, extracts, and food products. Learn more about us @ www.herbalgoodnessco.com

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Herbal Goodness

Herbal Goodness

Herbal Goodness is the #1 manufacturer of organic super greens, supplements, extracts, and food products. Learn more about us @ www.herbalgoodnessco.com

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